Volunteer Support

All non-professional volunteer support is provided by students from the University of California School of Medicine, Davis. Professional medical, health care, and counseling support is provided by volunteer community physicians and Harm Reduction Services of Sacramento.


If you are a licensed physician interested in volunteering, please email us at (jvmclinic@gmail.com) for more information.

All volunteer physicians are covered by UC Davis School of Medicine's malpractice insurance. If you are currently a UC Davis Physician, this coverage is automatic. If you are not part of the UC Davis Health System, please contact us at (taha@ucdavis.edu).


Medical, Physician Assistant, and Nurse Practitioner students:

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up on the student-run clinics website (HERE). For additional information, email us at (jvmcvolunteer@gmail.com). 

Please arrive at the clinic at 12:30 PM. Clinic starts at 1 PM and usually runs until 5 PM.  Please wear a scrub top and jeans/scrub bottoms since many of our patients are distrustful of white coats.  Bring your student ID and your stethoscope.


Student resources:

First Day Guide
HERE is our exposure protocol


Undergraduate Volunteers:

We are not currently accepting applications.  Please check again Spring 2018!

Please send your questions to jvmcvolunteer@gmail.com