UC Davis medical students and physicians make significant contributions to the health of underserved populations in the Sacramento area through their volunteer efforts at several community clinics. These clinics train students in delivering primary care services while simultaneously improving access to care in underserved communities. The programs have been recognized nationally as an exemplary partnership between an academic medical center and the community. Medical students, typically in their first or second year, and undergraduates who staff the clinics receive course credit. At least one volunteer licensed physician supervises the students. Undergraduate students act as interpreters, patient advocates, receptionists, and lab workers. Many undergraduate student volunteers are planning for careers in health care. Volunteering in the clinics provides an early opportunity for hands-on training that would otherwise not be available to them. For medical students, volunteering at these clinics keeps them grounded as to why they decided to pursue careers in medicine in the first place. Many students who serve in the community clinics choose primary care specialties when entering residency training.

 These clinics survive because of student dedication.  85 percent of UC Davis medical students volunteer at the student clinics during their years at the medical school.The clinics are an integral part of the first two years' curriculum at UC Davis School of Medicine

For more than 35 years, UC Davis has been operating student-run clinics in the inner-city neighborhoods of Sacramento, providing free health care to uninsured, low-income and other underserved populations.  Operating on weekends, UC Davis' student-run clinics serve several distinct groups of patients, providing them culturally sensitive health care in a respectful and comfortable environment.  The clinics offer thousands of people what is often their only access to health care.  The program also gives medical students and undergraduates hands-on experience and to learn first-hand about the challenges and rewards of patient care and community medicine.

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Student Run Clinics

Commitment to the Asian community
Primary care services for the Latino community
Commitment to the African American community
Quality health care for the Muslim community
Knights Landing Clinic 
Unbiased health care to intravenous drug users, sex workers and their families
Focused on the needs of the Filipino community
Serving people without homes