Student Printing Student Printing

You can print from class room computers or your own laptop using UCDs Repro Graphics pay-for-print service.
For printing issues or question please contact Rapid Repro 530-754-2679
Classroom printing instructions:
1.     From any application (Word, Excel, PDF, Web, etc…) select the “Print” option.
2.     Select the desired print queue. The 2nd floor queue is the default.
a.     Medical_Education_2F (printers are located in rooms 2101 and 2209)
b.    BW_10_cents_each_impression (printer is located in the Library)
3.     The Equitrac Express Print Assistant will open up. Enter your 9 digit student ID number or your pre-paid printing card number in the ID field (leave the password field blank) and click “OK”.
4.     A window will open which will list the printing charges. It usually takes a few seconds for the cost fields to be populated. Accept the printing cost charges by clicking “Accept”.
5.     Your print job has now been sent to the print queue and will remain there until you go to the printer and release the print job. You can send more than one document to the queue at a time and all documents will remain in the queue until you release them. It is not necessary, or recommended, to stay logged into the computer while you retrieve your printed documents.
6.     Go the appropriate printer and swipe your UC Davis Aggie student card (if you used your student ID number in step 3) or your pre-paid printing card. Please note that the magnetic strip on your card should be facing UP. When you swipe your card you should receive a message on the reader that your account information is being accessed. Follow the directions on the card reader to release your print job.
a.     If after swiping your card you receive an “Invalid Account” error please contact Repro Graphics at (530) 754-1010.
b.    If you receive no message after swiping your card verify that the magnetic strip is facing up and try swiping the card again. If you receive the same result then the magnetic strip on your card has likely become damaged and you will need to contact the Main Campus Registrar’s Office to have a new card issued. See the following website for more information:


Wireless Printing Instructions:

Access Wireless Printing at It is available by two methods:

1. Online Printing, or
2. Advanced Windows Printing (this requires a Windows operating system. Will not work on a MAC operating system).

The print job will be held for 24 hours in the print queue before it is deleted.

Online Printing Requires that the print job is first saved to the computer you are using, then uploaded to the Online Printing queue.

1. Go to

2. Click the PRINT button located under the “Online Printing” heading.

3. Enter the card ID number that is located on your print card. Click LOG IN.

4. Select the ucdavis-black printer option:

Medical_Education_2F (printers are located in rooms 2101 and 2209)

BW_10_cents_each_impression (printer is located in the Library)For information regarding cost, click the Details option located next to the printer name.

5. Now, upload the document by locating it on your computer clicking Browse. If you want to print a website, type in the URL. You may also indicate how many copies to be printed (leaving this blank will default to 1 copy), and a page range (if needed). Click CONTINUE.

6. On the next page, you may specify if you want double-sided printing, and if you want the Page Orientation to be changed. Click CONTINUE.

7. Now the job will begin approval. Once it is approved, the total cost of the job will display. Click Submit Job to Printer.

8. Go to the printer and print as usual using your copy card.

9. Click the Log Out link towards the bottom of the screen to go back to the Wireless Printing homepage.

Advanced Windows Printing:

Allows for a print job to be sent using the “File > Print” command. Windows users can print directly from their computer if they install the Advanced Windows Printing Print Driver, following these instructions.

1. Go to

2. Click on the hyperlinked text “More about Windows print drivers,” located under the Advanced Windows Printing heading.

3. Now click the hyperlinked word “downloaded” to begin the driver installation process. It will automatically launch, and ask to open or save the PWhere.exe file.

4. Save it to your desktop for easy retrieval.

5. Once saved, double click the file. You will then go through an installation wizard. You need to agree to the License Agreement.

6. Installation will begin. Once complete, it will put the Choose a Printer 3.6 onto the desktop.

7. Double click on Choose a Printer 3.6. In the Keywords search box, type in “ucdavis” and click Search. This will give you the various printers available for wireless printing.

8. Choose the ucdavis-black printer:

Medical_Education_2F (printers are located in rooms 2101 and 2209)

BW_10_cents_each_impression (printer is located in the Library)For information regarding cost, click the Details option located next to the printer name.

Click OK.

9. Then it will connect, and ask you to Select. After adding your selection, it may ask if you will allow the program to make the change to your computer. Say Yes.

10. Then, from the document you want to print, go to File > Print. When the print dialog box appears, drop-down the printer list next to the heading Name. Select the PrintWhere 3.6 option. Click on Printer Properties if you have added multiple printers to your computer, so you can choose the one you want to use.

11. After sending the print job, go to a printer and print as usual using your copy card.