Computer Requirments Computer Requirments

Computer Requirements:

For the most part any new computer system in today's market will meet the requirements for your use while at medical school.

The following link references general specifications to keep in mind when shopping for a new system:

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new system:

  1. Get as much memory as your budget will allow
  2. Consider screen size and weight, you will be carring this every day
  3. Apple or Windows. Personal preference as we support both
  4. Use a thumb drive or external drive to back up yur data on a regular basis

If you have any questions or would like our assistance in helping you decide on what's best for you, please feel free to stop by our office

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Getting Help Getting Help

To obtain in person support for you computer, visit our office in the Education Building room 2108.

Office hours: Monday - Thursday 7am - 6pm, Friday 7am - 5pm


For after hours or off site support contact the 24/7/365 Operations Center 916-734-HELP (4357)

Do keep in mind that you will more than likely need to leave your computer with us. We will service it as quickly as we can.

IF, your system has an issue…

  • Student laptops, bring your power adaptor. We do not have spares
  • We utilize students for support
    • Please check student's posted schedule
  • USUALLY repaired same day
  • Extended turn around time for desktops
  • You MUST provide your own software if anything needs to be re-installed
    • This includes software such as Office and the operating system
  • Campus bookstore has student pricing on software (i.e. Office)

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